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Isshin Daiko is a community music ensemble in Toronto, Canada that plays traditional Japanese instruments including taiko (drum), fue (bamboo flutes) and chappa (cymbals). Performances consist of both traditional pieces and contemporary compositions by founder Kiyoshi Nagata and group members.


Kiyoshi Nagata Kiyoshi Nagata


Darlene Reiger Darlene Reiger

Sandy Usami Sandy Usami

Julia Cleveland Julia Cleveland

Catherine Everett Catherine Everett

Amelia Spinelli Amelia Spinelli

Mandy Fung Mandy Fung

Michelle Wend Michelle Wendt

Miyuki Fukuma Miyuki Fukuma


  • Francisco Brito
  • Yoshiko Matsuda
  • Jeff Shimizu
  • Elaine Takahashi
  • Sam Hirst
  • Heidi Chan
  • Scott Kusano
  • Rev. Grant Ikuta
  • Dave Mazierski
  • Pam McBurney
  • Kathy Bocsi
  • Lisa Kuly
  • Gerard Bakker
  • Bruce Yano
  • Steve Wenzel
  • Jackie Craig
  • Kalman Andrasofszky
  • Sumiko Oda
  • John Kerr
  • John Morgan
  • Marnie Roper-Campbell
  • Craig Ono
  • Laura Ono
  • Margaret Lee
  • Kenji Tokawa
  • Millean Kung


Isshin Daiko was formed in the spring of 1996 by Kiyoshi Nagata and Reverend Grant Ikuta formerly of the Toronto Buddhist Church as a means to reach out to the larger Toronto community through music. Its members are both church and non-church people of all walks of life. As a group, Isshin Daiko has studied taiko with Yoshikazu Fujimoto and Eiichi Saito of Kodo and Leonard Eto, former music director of Kodo.

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